It is important for your locks to stay lubricated to function at their best. We usually tell our customers that when you check your fire alarms once a month - take that time to lubricate your locks as well. That makes it easy to remember. We live in an area where there is a lot of moisture in the air so we never use graphite. We use a special lock lubricant called Houdini which is available in our store and soon here on our website for $10.95 a can. If you have it on hand WD-40 makes a great substitute.


Never break out the small window on your pickup/truck. Many people who get locked out think that because the window is small, it would be cheaper to replace. Actually the window is specialized to that vehicle and can sometimes cost more than replacing the windshield. Also, newer model vehicles are no longer simple to open so, never use a coat hanger or slim jim type tool to open a vehicle that is newer than a 2007. Save yourself the headache of having to repair damage caused by these types of situations and call a professional.


We repair a lot of damage from some so-called professionals who open cars. It can cost upwards of a hundred dollars to replace or repair some of the damage they cause from simply not knowing how to properly unlock a vehicle. You may want to think twice before you call a cab company, towing company, or a pop-a-lock service. Make sure they have opened your type of vehicle before and make sure they have good reviews from previous clients.


It is always a good idea to have your locks changed when you're buying a new home. Between previous owners, realtors, cleaning or repair people and etc. there is no telling how many keys are out there for your new home. The same concept goes for renting/leasing space for a new business. Keep your family and your business safe and get the locks rekeyed before you move in.

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